First Tournament Results

February 11, 2010

So LURPS got off to a great start in the Old Bar with some very well played Rock Paper Scissors. Before giving a run down of the tournament, a big thanks to everyone who came along, particularly to Martin Burley who came all the way from New Zealand and took part.

We started the tournament with 13 competitors, with 8 spots being offered for the quarter finals. Some great matches took place and tickets were given and won all around. In particular congrats to Tiago Cordeiro-Suares for collecting a staggering 21 tokens after starting with only 10. Unfortunately Aimee Bontoft, Max, and Ven L ran out of tickets before time, with Ven L losing two large bets in the last few minutes (after it was announced people could play for more than 1 ticket).

Jamie Chia and Jason Hon Wei Liu managed to survive the first round, but unfortunately did not have enough tickets to procede to the quarter final.

Quarter Final (Best of 1 Match)
Tiago Cordeiro-Suares 0 Vs 2 Miruna Zegheru
Martin Burley 1 Vs 2 Sophia Kirtley
Alex Hammond 0 Vs 2 Tom Emmott
Carley Radford 2 Vs 1 Yurie Sakai

Semi Final (Best of 1 Match)
Miruna Zegheru 2 Vs 1 Sophia Kirtley
Tom Emmott 2 Vs 0 Carley Radford

3rd Place Playoff (Best of 3 Matches)
Sofia Kirtley 2-2 Vs 0-0 Carley Radford

FINAL (Best of 3 Matches)
Miruna Zegheru 2-0-2 Vs 1-2-0 Tom Emmott

So congratulations to Miruna Zegheru, our first winner of the year, who took home Jerry Springer The Opera on DVD and the very funky cuddly duck. Tom Emmott took the Bunny Box (easter sweets) as second prize, and Sofia Kirtley went home with the instant noodles for third place.

Overall it seemed to be a very successful evening, but most importantly it seemed that everyone had a great time. Plans are for the next tournament to be held in March, so we’ll see you then.

Pos Name P W 2 3 4 T8 Sur Att Pts
1 Miruna Zegheru 1 1 10
2 Tom Emmott 1 1 8
3 Sophia Kirtley 1 1 6
4 Carley Radford 1 1 4
5 Tiago Cordeiro-Suares 1 1 3
Martin Burley 1 1 3
Alex Hammond 1 1 3
Yurie Sakai 1 1 3
9 Jamie Chia 1 1 2
Jason Hon Wei Liu 1 1 2
11 Aimee Bontoft 1 1 1
Max 1 1 1
Ven L 1 1 1

Key: Pos – Position; P – Tournaments participated in; W – Tournaments won (10 pts); 2 – 2nd place finishes in tournaments (8 pts); 3 – 3rd place finishes in tournaments (6 pts); 4 – 4th place finishes in tournaments (4 pts); T8 – Top 8 finish in tournaments (3pts) ; Sur – Survived elimation in tournaments (not losing all tokens) (2pts); Att – Attended and participated (1 pt); Pts – Points

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